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Reaching Key Leaders in Key Cities through Key Networks


Resources from  Art Lindsley Ministries. Books, Tapes, Videos, Podcasts, Articles: The resources provided here are designed to help equip you and encourage you.  If there is a resource you would like and do not see here, please feel free  to contact us and we will try to add it to the site or provide that [...]

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Become a partner with Art Lindsley Ministries We want to see key people in key cities become knowledgeable and articulate Christians from every walk of life. To accomplish this mission, we need people like you to partner with us. Your support is the most crucial support system for our ministry. Our supporters are truly the [...]

Blog Posts

Christ-Centered Apologetics

What is a Christ-centered Apologetic? Have you considered learning from the example of Jesus in the area of apologetics?   Many people think of the example of the apostle Paul when it comes to apologetics, but not Jesus’ example in the gospels.  Many of the conversations in the gospels  between Jesus and others provide great lessons in the area of apologetics.  One other aspect of a Christ-centered apologetic is realizing that in a defense of the faith, responses to many challenges... 

The Impact of Postmodernism on our Youth

American Teens lying, stealing and cheating more than ever American teenagers are lying, stealing and cheating more at alarming rates 1. The attitudes and conduct of some 29,760 high school students across the United States “doesn’t bode well for the future when these youngsters become the next generation’s politicians and parents, cops and corporate executives, and journalists and generals,” the non-profit Josephson Institute said. In its 2008 Report Card on the Ethics of American...